Long time..

I know it has been a long time since I uploaded my first post, but it has been a busy time since then.
I will try and update more often from now on – this said – I just saw the new film Man On A Ledge by Asger Leth, and this was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless I’ll recommend it for film lovers, since it’s a very good film for analysis, if working with the film model: Hollywood model, which is typical to use for new incoming Hollywood instructors.

I’ll attach the trailer, just to give a small insight of what this contains.


Goodniiiight Neverland.

New and not really sure on what to write.
But, welcome to my blog on what is new regarding film trailers.
I have always had a thing for trailers, compared to the actual movie.
I hope to upload many film trailers for you to watch and comment on, so we can discuss on what is a good and not so good film trailer.

All the fancy shit will have to wait for later 🙂
I will have to get use to the site first of all.

Take care now, bye bye then.

ps. Just to get it started: